„The Danish Girl“ by David Ebershoff

Greta and Einar’s (later Lili) story is one about true love, identity and finding yourself.
Right in the beginning it becomes clear that their love is extraordinary, seeing as it isn’t at all a physical one and still immediately feels more insistent and somehow deeper.
This is primarily made apparent through Greta who in the beginning wrote endless letters to Einar even though he never responded.
Once they do get married Greta fully supports Einar without question, following his lead when choosing the right doctors and even choosing between Einar and Lili.
Lili’s journey begins when Greta convinces Einar to put on a dress in order to finish a painting on time.

While the book is inspired by the real 1930’s Lili Elbe the story isn’t just historical and factual but instead is built around Lili’s transition and how it influenced her life and that of the people around her, especially Greta, who found her inspiration and success through Lili who was visualized plentiful in Greta’s paintings.

– Chiara, Ute, Julia


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