„Don’t Feed the Trolls“ by Erica Kudisch

This book was a very unique read and to a non-gamer a slightly complicated one as well considering all the gaming language you have to get used to first.

The main storyline focuses on how horribly girls are treated in the online gaming world and shows just how hard it can be to fight back. While that is fascinating it also, more or less silently, deals with gender issues and how they link into sexuality but are completely different.
The story is told by Daphne (later Daphnis) who wins a competition hosted by a huge online gaming company which involves not only fame (somewhat) but also a trip to GeeKon and that’s how the story begins because that’s when all the hate begins. Though Daphnis doesn’t have to navigate that all by themselves, on- and offline they have a very diverse support system beginning with, but not limited to, their two roommates, one being a drag queen and the other being a famous fanfiction writer, who also bring some interesting and educating but mostly heartfelt moments into the story.



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