All the bright places

by Jennifer Niven

„Do you know my life is forever changed now? I used to think that was true because you came into it and showed me Indiana and, in doing that, forced me out of my room and into the world. Even when we weren’t wandering, even from the floor of your closet, you showed the world to me. I didn’t know that my life forever changing would be because you loved me and then left…“ (Violet, page 353)

IMG_0410They meet on the ledge of the school bell tower. He wants to take his own life. She is devastated by her sister’s death. Theodore Finch and Violet Markey. Together they experience something new. Something „ultraviolet remarkey-able“ like Finch would say.

It’s an emotional book, which might entice you some tears but even make you laugh. I like the book because you feel with the characters.

You will feel the strength of Violet and the humour of Finch. Two completely different lives become one. And you will notice how much they need each other. Even if one of them is missing.





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