„George“ by Alex Gino

“[…] No offence, but you don’t make a very good boy.”

george This quote perfectly describes the feeling you get right in the beginning of the book.

“George” isn’t your typical story about a trans kid struggling with relationships, hormones and surgeries though.
This time the story is told by a grade-schooler who quickly makes the reader realize the significance of simpler things, while showing just how painful it can be to be trans in our society, although that pain somehow doesn’t overshadow the story, as it is accompanied by humor and understanding in all the right places.

As George moves through his daily routines awkwardly it becomes clearer and clearer how terrifying it must be to not fit people’s assumptions.
George clearly struggles with some things more than the other kids because he can’t be himself so when he sees the chance to be a girl, even if it is just for a little while, he (after a little pushing from his best friend) jumps at the opportunity. This receives all kinds of reactions leaving George slightly overwhelmed but also somewhat giddy at what the future holds, now that everyone knows his secret.

While George isn’t the most challenging book, or even the most spectacular, it definitely still is worth reading, seeing as it introduces the reader to trans issues in a way that will you make understand right away just how excruciating it can be to be trans in our society.

– Ute


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