The Humans by Matt Haig

Shame is a shackle. Free yourself.

What is human life about?

What is the sense of love and life?

These are questions Matt Haig tries to answer in his book The Humans. It is all about Andrew Martin, a professor at Cambridge University who solved a huge mathematical problem.

Unfortunately an alien civilization found out about that and decided to destroy the information, he came up with. So they send one of them to do the job.

This is when our main character comes into the story. Disadvantageous he doesn’t know anything about human conventions. This leads to many problems. For example when he walks along the streets without wearing clothes and gets spit because of that. Because he doesn’t know any better he spit on other people, because he thought it was the main way to greet people on earth.

When he discovers Cosmopolitan he thinks this is kind a encyclopedia for human life and love (love is so weak it needs two people to grow and when it’s fully grown these people can get divorced).

A really funny book, that shows the awkward things as well as the positive things of human culture and life he doesn’t know form his civilization. It can tell a lot about life and what really matters . Also it has some remarkable definitions of things like love, our food and general behavior.

It shows things we never thought about, like the sense of a handshake or why everything on this planet is wrapped.

There are also plenty of amazing quotes you can use for sticky-notes.

The language isn’t the easiest on, but with a little concentration it should be possible for everyone to read and understand it.



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