A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

The novel isn’t based on a true story, but on possible occurrences.
thousandIt is a story about heartbreak, love and trust but also betrayal, lies, every kind of violence and death.
Aside from Mariam and Laila, Kabul,  the capital of Afghanistan,  is also a main character.
The novel informs the readers about the political changes between 1959 and 2003, but not in a strenuous way, it is inextricably interweaved in the story.
Mariam and Laila represent many other women who suffered and faced injustice as well as prejudice in a country consumed by war.
Both women want to have a good life, one that is worth living for and they want to discover love.
They suffer, hate, fear and as they realize they are not the only one to carry a heavy burden, they discover the value of friendship and trust but they also learn to make sacrifices.
The book isn’t easily read in addition it’s not a story with a happy end but it is about life, love dreams, surviving and the consequences of choices – the bad ones and the good.
It’s about power and how people (ab)use it.
But above all it’s a story about hope – losing, getting and having.  



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