Just a few thoughts about „The Wall“ by William Sutcliffe


People build too many walls and fences…..Why?

“For protection they say“, eagerly seeking for justification.

“To keep our children safe from the brutal and unforgiving enemy”, they say, desperately hoping to have answered enough questions.

“To keep out the evil”, they say, attempting to convince themselves, wanting to believe that the world across the wall consists of monsters that deserve to be hated rather than people that deserve to be respected for they are human as well…..

Building walls is easy, tearing them down eventually a little more complicated while not building them up again in our minds sometimes seems close to impossible…. maybe the biggest problems aren’t the walls and fences we construct, because with the right equipment they could be overcome but the walls and fences we build up within our minds, sometimes even unintentionally.

Joshua’s story is about both walls but especially about the wall people have built up in    thFullSizeRender (2)eir minds long before they constructed the concrete wall. In gradually overcoming the wall in his mind Joshua suddenly comes to think of “The Wall” as redundant as he recognizes that all it does is making people hate each other for all the lies that have been told instead of giving them a chance to see that all there is on the other side of the wall are just people like you and me…..so no need to build walls!!!?



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